Childfood Illnesses

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1 General infomation
Hospital Medical Assistance Procedure | How to take the Temperture | How to Give Effective Medication(liquid Medication) | How to Give effective Medication(Powderd Medication)
2 How to recognize common symptoms and how to treat them
Home Care Tips When There Is Ferver | Febrile Convulsion(Convulsion) | Runny Nose・Congested Nose | Coughts | Diarrhea | Feeding Infants with Diarrhea | Feeding Babies with Diarrhea | How to Care for Patients who are Vomiting | Constipation | Menaging Head Injuries | Accidental Ingestion of Cigarettes
3 Common infectious diseases
Measles | Rubella | Chiken pox/Varicella | Otafuku Kaze("Epidemic Parotitis "or Mumps) | Hand,Foot&Mouth Disease | Herpangina | PCF(Pharyngo Conjunctival Fever)or Pool Fever | Erythema Infectiosum(Ringobyou) |Scarlet Fever(Scarlantina) | Rotavirus Infection | Whooping Cough | Herpes Gingivostomatitis(Oral Herpes) | Shingles(Herpes Zoster) | TOPATSUSHIN(Exanthema Subitum) | Middle Ear Infection(Acute Otitis Media) | Pseudocroup(Acute Laryngitis) | Pinworm Infection | Bronchitis | Tonsillitis
4 Common genital and urinary problems
Balanoposthitis| Phimosis | Undescended Testis(Cryptorchidism) | Hydrocele Testis | Vaginaldischarge(Vulvivaginitis) | Groin Hernia(Inguinal Hernia) | Periproctal Abscess・Infantile Anal Fistula | Sentinal Polyp | Urinary Tract Infection(UTI) | Pyelitis | Blood and Protein in Urine
5 Conditions in infants that may cause parents to worry
Umbilical Hernia | Constipation in Infants | Uric Acid in Urine・Thrush(Oral Candidiasis) | Neonatal Acne・Epstein Pearl(Epidermoid Cyst) | Short Lingual Frenulum(Ankyloglossis)・Short Upper Lip Frenulum | Color of Baby Stools(1) | Color of Baby Stools(2)
6 Common skin conditions
Prickly Heat | Diaper Rash | Skin adidiasis(Cutaneous Candidiasis) | eborrheic Dermatitis in Infants | HIVES | Impetigo "Tobihi"*also known as "Bushfire"i.e. (it can spread quickly) | Water nodules(Molluscum Contagiosum) | Erythema Multiforme・KAZEBORO(Viral Rash)
7 Conditions in children that may cause parents worry
Swollen Lymph Nodes | Growing Paines | TICS | Acetonemic Vomiting Cyclic vomiting syndrome(Auto intoxication) | Bow Legs&Knock-Knees | Noctuntary Frequent Urination | Orthostatic Dysfunction(OD) | Nosebleed | Geographical Tongue・Partial Precocious Puberty | Enlarged Tonsils・Enlarged Pharyngeal Tonsils(Adenooids) | Asthmatic Bronchitis
8 Allergic Rhinitis・Conjunctivitis
Allergic Rhinitis・Conjunctivitis(Hay fever) | Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis・ Medicines for Allergic Conjunctivitis
9 Bronchial Asthma
On Bronchial Asthma | Treating Asthma Attacks at Home | Asthma Medication | Environmental Control of Asthma |Conditioning the Mind&Body to Cope with Asthma
10 Atopic Dermatitis
What is Atopic Dermatitis?・Causes of Atopic Dermatitis・Test for Atopic Dermatitis | IgE(RAST Method) | Atopic Dermatitis Treatment ・Skin Care(Skin Maintenance) | Medication in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis | How to use Steroid Medicines | Tips in Managing Atopic Dermatitis | Atopic Dermatitis and Food・ Points to Remember inDiet Restrictions
11 Vaccinations and Illnesses
What is Vaccination? | Effectiveness of Vaccinations | Type of Vaccinations | Intervals Between Vaccinations | List of Regular(Routine)Vaccinations | List ofOptional Vaccinations